Physics 2018 – Welcome

It is a delight to welcome the great minds in Physics to the “International Conference on Applied Physics” Physics 2018 will be held on August 23-25, 2018 in London, UK with the theme “Exploring the Nextgen Technologies in Physics”.

Physics conference 2018 is aimed for endorsing and developing research in the different fields of Physics. Researchers and Students from various institutes, universities, and related industries are invited to present their research works or just as participants.

The Applied Physics conference serves as a connection between physics and engineering. The instrumentation used by physicists are so advanced most of which are custom built by the researchers themselves in their facilities. The applications of Physics in technological advances such as the development of electronics, photonics and device physics, experimental nuclear physics and experimental particle physics will be discussed in this conference.


The Physics conference will facilitate you to share and express your thoughts and views on any research works. Physics 2018 will help you meet the greatest scientific minds in the field of Physics like never before.

Poster presentation award, Young researchers award, Exhibition, B2B networking, Hands-on Workshop, Panel discussion and many more interesting sessions at this Physics 2018 conference.

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